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After the ultraviolet mosquito lamp is lit, the phototaxis of mosquitoes are used to attract mosquitoes, and this attraction can achieve the same effect even with ordinary lights. In the summer under the street lamps, often can see a large number of mosquitoes flying, in fact, the mosquito phototaxis play a role, not only UV lamps can achieve this effect.

Why do ultraviolet lights attract flying insects? Could it be the phototaxis of insects?


The ultraviolet light interferes with the insects' navigation systems, because many daytime flying insects navigate by the ultraviolet light produced by the sun. Chironomids are also diurnal, with male adults flying in early morning or late afternoon swarms. The light emitted by the ultraviolet lamp made flying insects such as midges think it was dawn. After taking off, they flew in an isometric spiral because the light source was not parallel to the light source. Finally, they gathered near the mosquito killing lamp and were electrocuted to death by a large number of people when they accidentally touched the power grid.
Mosquitoes are mostly inactive during the day because they have a habit of avoiding bright light. We all know that when we hear the sound of mosquitoes in the dark, if we suddenly turn on the light, the mosquitoes will stop flying and fall on the wall.
In a natural environment with no artificial light, there is no UV light at night! You said mosquitoes in the dark night can not find ultraviolet light source, ultraviolet light why?
There is only one answer. Mosquitoes don't like ultraviolet light at all, and they are not attracted to it!
Just because the ultraviolet light "attracts" a large number of midges, making people mistakenly believe that bloodsucking mosquitoes like ultraviolet light, this wrongful case made countless poor midges as the scapegoat of mosquitoes, and also let consumers waste countless electricity and money.
It's the carbon dioxide, odors and infrared light produced by animals and humans that really attract mosquitoes.
Why do mosquito lights catch several mosquitoes when no one is in the room?
Mosquitoes are attracted to infrared light, which is generated by the heat from the lamps, rather than ultraviolet light.
If there are people in the room, mosquitoes will be attracted to people, ultraviolet mosquito lamp is not attractive effect.