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When the chandelier is installed, the large chandelier is often installed under the floor or sorghum of the structural floor through the suspender or sling, and the small chandelier is often installed on the joist. 

First, iron or wood bricks are pre-embedded in the structural layer, and the wood bricks must have a solid force guarantee. The location of the burial should be accurate and there should be enough room for connection and adjustment. There are transition connectors on iron and wood bricks in order to adjust the error of embedded parts, which can be connected with pre-embedded parts such as nails, welds, etc. The suspender and the sling are connected with the transition connector.

When the chandelier is installed on the top surface of concrete, it can be fastened with embedded parts, penetrating bolts and expanded pipe bolts. The specification of the expanded pipe bolt can be determined by the theme and weight of the lamp during installation, but the minimum should not be less than M6 (mm), the multi-head chandelier should not be less than M8 (mm), and the number of bolts should be at least 2 less.

Drilling is a crucial step. First mark the location of the expansion screw on the wall, and then start drilling with a pre-installed electric drill. When drilling, you must pay attention to the depth of the hole and calculate it according to the length of the expansion screw.

Put the pre-prepared expansion screw into the hole, and then use external force to push it into it. Many people want to fix it by hand, but no, at least hit it with a hammer, otherwise it is not strong enough to cause safety problems.

After completely embedding the expansion screw into the wall, begin to prepare the fixed hanging plate. First, put the wood screw through the hanging board hole, and then choose and install the wood screw into it along the expansion screw. Be sure to pay attention to the alternating between the two sides, the installation is firm, there can be no offset, otherwise it is very unsafe.

The rest is to connect the hanging plate and the suction top plate with screws, and then screw the bald screws to fix it. After fixing it, you must carefully check whether it is solid or not. 
When there are multiple chandeliers under the same ceiling, the chandelier can be installed at the same time when the ceiling is installed, so that the height and horizontal position of the lamp can be adjusted timely. 
The ceiling of home decoration is a common link in home decoration. According to the different materials of the decorative board, the classification of the ceiling is also different. 
Ceiling decoration materials are the main basis to distinguish the name of the ceiling, mainly: light steel keel plasterboard ceiling, gypsum board ceiling, mineral wool board ceiling, splint ceiling, special-shaped long aluminum buckle board ceiling, square lacquered aluminum buckle board ceiling, stained glass ceiling, aluminum honeycomb perforated sound absorbing board ceiling, full-room compound ceiling and so on. 

The method of the suspender passing through the top surface of the ceiling: the method of directly going out of the ceiling: the suspender directly through the surface of the ceiling, and it is difficult to find the drilling position of the plate surface during installation. 
You can also install the suspender first and then look for holes in the ceiling cover panel, which will have an impact on the decorative effect when it is not found correctly. Adding casing method: first, the pipe hole is opened at the corresponding position on the top of the ceiling, and the suspender is pierced out of the casing, so that the suspender has a room for movement and the decoration is more beautiful. 
The chandelier refers to the advanced decorative lighting which is suspended on the indoor ceiling. Whether the chandelier is hung by wire or iron support, it should not be hung too low, hindering people's normal line of sight or making people feel dazzling. 
Take the chandelier in the dining room as an example, the ideal height is to form a pool of lights on the table, but it will not hinder the line of sight of people looking at each other on the table. At present, the chandelier hangers have been installed with springs or height regulators, which can be suitable for the floor and needs of different heights. 
The suspender should have a certain length of thread for high and low adjustment. If the boom or sling is suspended from the light box, the connection must be secure. 
The above content is how the chandelier is fixed on the top. When these people choose the chandelier, what we need to consider clearly is the method of installation. 
In addition, there may be some problems in the installation process, such as inadequate installation or failure to find a suitable location, which may affect the effectiveness of use. 
You can take a look at the above content, understand what matters needing attention in the installation of the chandelier, and make your own decision.