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There are many advantages of washing machine, such as liberating hands and saving time. 
However, many people will encounter a problem when using the washing machine: the noise is too loud when the washing machine is working. If you wash clothes in the morning and evening, it will easily affect the rest of others and make you feel upset. 
It is a normal phenomenon that there is a certain sound in the operation of the washing machine, but if the sound is too loud or even noise, it is not normal. 
So the question is, why is the washing machine making so much noise? 
Generally speaking, it is caused by the following four reasons. 
The ground is uneven. 

The uneven floor on which washing machines are placed is the reason for the noise produced by most washing machines. 
If the washing machine is placed in the bathroom or bathroom, due to the need for drainage and the installation of floor drains in these two places, the tiles on the floor will usually have a certain tilt angle, and the washing machine will be placed in these uneven places. It will lead to the operation of

the washing machine when the center of gravity can not reach a balance, and the unstable center of gravity of the washing machine will produce noise. 

There are hard objects in the clothes. 
If there are hard objects in the pocket, such as coins and keys, it will make the washing machine make noise during operation. 

At the same time, the zipper, buttons and other ornaments on the clothes will also produce noise when rubbing with the inner wall of the washing machine. 

In addition, too much or too little clothes are put into the washing machine, which will lead to the unstable center of gravity of the drum and make a lot of noise. 

There are objects around the washing machine. 
When the washing machine is running, there will be a range of movement. 
If there are a lot of sundries around or the washing machine is too close to the wall, it will collide with the object or the wall, resulting in noise. 
The packing bolt of the washing machine has not been removed. 
In general, only drum washing machines have packaging bolts, which is to prevent the washing machine from being hit during transportation, so 3-4 packaging bolts are installed to ensure that the drum is fixed. 
Please remove the packing bolts on the washing machine before using the washing machine, otherwise it will cause abnormal vibration during operation. 
The master of the service network of Jinling Evening News reminds you that the above are the four main reasons for the loud noise of the washing machine. if all the above is all right, the washing machine still has a loud noise, which may be the cause of other malfunctions. when you don't know

the reason, it is recommended to find a maintenance master for door-to-door inspection and repair, so as to find out the root cause of the problem in order to better prescribe the right remedy to the case.