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Badminton is a very simple and healthy sport. Many of us like playing badminton very much, but the choice of badminton racket is not necessarily good. The following is a brief introduction to how to choose a suitable racket for beginners.



The weight of badminton racket should be appropriate: in fact, it is not that the lighter the racket is, the better it is. Although the racket is light and the swing speed is fast, it will feel that it is not used hard when spiking, which will affect the power of hitting the ball. The weight of beginners should be controlled at 4U ﹉ 5u, 4U (80g)_ 84.9g)5u(85g_ 89.9g) the lighter the racket is, the faster the swing speed is. Then the line with better elasticity should be controlled below 0.68, and the elastic ball line can be more comfortable with the help of equipment!


Check the overall structure of the racket: after you get the racket, wave it to see if it shakes your hand. The racket that shakes the hand must be too hard (the connection between the handle and the head, which is made of carbon alloy steel) is too hard; if it does not shake the hand, it means that the racket is more elastic. You can also hold the handle with one hand and hold the top of the racket head with the other hand to break it. The racket is slightly bent, which proves that the racket is more elastic.


You can choose your own badminton racket according to your actual situation: for example, in singles, you should choose a longer racket; if you are an aggressive player, you should choose a slightly heavier, medium hard racket. In doubles, it is best to choose a standard length racket. If a defensive player, he should choose a lighter racket. If you want to subdivide a little bit, there is still a lot of attention in choosing the beat! First of all, their own positioning, general exercise, enthusiasts, enthusiasts or business experts, positioning a good price will have! The second is singles or doubles. There is a difference in the tempo! Third, according to their own style, offensive type, defensive type or all-round type, different styles have different requirements on the racket. The middle shot is soft and hard, the weight of the head and the weight of the racket are different! Finally is the thread weight, the beginner's weight is lower, after the fight is good, add the pound number! In fact, the most important thing is to experience it in person. Different rackets have different feelings and find the most suitable one for yourself!


Choose the racket handle according to the size of each hand. It is appropriate to hold the handle comfortably. People with large hands may feel uncomfortable when holding a thin or square handle.



To see if the strings are even, each square composed of crossed strings should be the same size, and the tightness of each string should be the same.

When you get a badminton racket, you should first look at the shape of its racket head. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of racket head: the traditional egg shape and the flat head frame with square head. The shape of the badminton racket determines the size of its sweet area (that is, the best hitting area on the racket surface). When the ball falls on the sweet area, it can give the player enough power and control of the ball, so the size of the sweet area is very important to the players, it can make the players more easy to play high-quality ball.


According to the different materials, badminton rackets can be divided into carbon fiber, carbon aluminum integration, aluminum iron integration and aluminum iron split type. The choice of materials is directly related to the weight and price of the racket. Generally speaking, all carbon badminton is the lightest and the mainstream material. Men and women choose badminton rackets differently. First of all, you need to know what kind of fans you are, fitness type, or competitive. For the former, you don't need to pursue any brand, just buy what you want If it is a backward development, we must follow the gradual, from low to high, from low price to high price. Make it simple. Look at your equipment. I use a training shot of more than 100 yuan, which is very good.