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I sleep with my eyes closed at night. Does the blue light of the mosquito lamp shine on the roof and reflect back to my eyes? 

After using it in the bedroom for one night, I looked at the blue light when I unplugged the mosquito lamp. How much harm will this process cause to the eyes in one night? 

I feel that this situation will not cause any damage to your eyes. If there is no eye pain, conjunctival congestion or increased secretions, it will be all right. If there is a problem, go to the ophthalmology department of the regular hospital in time to have a look. 

I don't think there's anything wrong with this situation. 

Hello, the blue light of the anti-mosquito lamp is relatively soft and will not cause damage to the eyes. Even so, do not look directly at it for a long time, and ensure good indoor ventilation when using the anti-mosquito lamp or other anti-mosquito products. 

At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the eyes, use the eyes scientifically, and guarantee to study.


Ultraviolet mosquito lamp is harmful to skin and eyes. If ultraviolet mosquito lamp is used, it is recommended that people and animals leave the scene when working. Physical mosquito control can use mosquito nets, carbon dioxide mosquito lamps and electric mosquito rackets. What my family is using is carbon dioxide mosquito lamp + electric mosquito swatter, both of which do not contain ultraviolet radiation and are safer for the human body.